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So, if you have a small package or a large shipment that needs to get there on time, no excuses, use Courier America®, the most reliable name in the industry. We look forward to becoming your courier service now and for years to come.

During his college years in Washington, DC, Hany Zakaria got his first taste of the fast paced transportation industry when he worked as a part-time driver for one of the largest delivery companies in the area at the time. Upon his graduation with a degree in Business Management, he wasted no time in starting his own business armed with years of on-the-road experience in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Mr. Zakaria remained focused on achievement, while attracting dedicated professionals to help meet the demands of the rapidly growing Courier America®. Since then, hundreds of clients in the private and the public sectors have worked with Mr. Zakaria and his friendly and knowledgeable team of transportation specialists to handle their delivery needs.

Way back in 1984, when we first opened our doors, company president and founder Hany Zakaria was confident that in order to provide quality personal service, three main ingredients were necessary. Dedication, experience and efficiency. Over the past three decades, our commitment to providing excellent delivery service at a very competitive price has not wavered. Today, hundreds of companies have become dependent on Courier America® to deliver their important packages and time-sensitive materials across town or across country, regardless of shape, size, weight or material.

"Your record to date is perfect."
-Altogether Printing